One reason America isn’t in OPEC, even though we are a big producer, is that we import a lot more than we export. com Menu and widgets Search for: Today’s Theme: Baker’s Dozen We have a BAKER’S DOZEN of themed answers today, thirteen items sold in a BAKERY: 38A. Taylor is clearly more than window dressing. The answer is thus COO, which is an exclamation of surprise with C coming from circa , clued by about. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated there, the single event that sparked off WWI. So powerful was his table that he actually predicted the properties of some elements that had not even been discovered in 1869. Argonaut known for wise counsel : NESTOR Nestor was one of the Argonauts, the adventurers who sailed on the Argo with Jason on his search for the Golden Fleece of Greek mythology. “She doesn’t even try to project herself into something she’s not. ” A version of this article appears in print on December 29, 2013, on Page ST2 of the New York edition with the headline: Her Term Is Up as Well. Wylde, the president and chief executive of the Partnership for New York City, and a longtime friend of Ms.

“My parents are best friends,” his daughter Emma told The New York Times in 2001. The Norse god Odin is hidden in g od incarnate , as clued by essentially , but the definition of Odin is also the whole clue, as Odin is essentially a God incarnate. and a degree in public health from Columbia University, has proved adept at juggling a career that includes her present position at Wolfensohn and her spouse-like duties for the mayor. Unlike typical American crosswords, in which every square is almost always checked (that is, each square provides a letter for both an across and a down answer), only about half of the squares in a cryptic crossword are checked. Yet even now, as she winds down her tenure as the de facto first lady of New York City — a period during which she raised her political and social profile and redefined the notion of a trophy date — Ms dating ad crossword clue. Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton administration, and Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman. #10 : DANISH The Danish pastry that we know so well over here in the US is indeed a Danish specialty, although the recipe was brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers. ” Might she now be free to reconsider. The National has a daily cryptic crossword after a request from readers to include one. The National Launched in Scotland as The Newspaper that supports an independent Scotland on 24 November 2014 after the independence referendum on 18 September.

When Mendeleev classified elements according to their chemical properties, he noticed patterns and was able to group elements into his famous 1869 Periodic Table. “It just didn’t happen that way. The athletic teams of OSU are called the Buckeyes, named after the state tree of Ohio..
. It is possible to have initialisms just for certain parts of the clue. Element number 101 is mendelevium and was named after Mendeleev. Combe promoted the product by sponsoring the television show “American Bandstand” for many years. MS-__ : DOS MS-DOS (short for Microsoft Disk Operating System) was the main operating system used by IBM-compatible PCs in the eighties and for much of the nineties. ” An early marriage to a doctor who was a friend of the family, and which ended in divorce after six years, did nothing to diminish her ambition. ..


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